Wayland on Wednesdays – First few client experiences

Spring 2022 and I set up a pop-up studio at the W Gallery in Wayland MA at 57 Andrew Avenue, Wayland MA on Wednesdays 9am-12pm. People can book a photo session time in advance by calling 617-468-4714 or just turn up.

The first few sessions have been a lot of fun, including an actor needing power poses for her portfolio, and a composer wanting headshots and photos for her website. Check out the results below and see how I transform the Wayland Arts space into a studio setting to fit these diverse photographic needs.

Deb and the power pose

Deb is an actress and was looking for some power poses to add to her portfolio. She was often cast as the kind-grandma type, but wanted to expand her roles to corporate leader, police officer, lawyer, etc. At the W Gallery in Wayland we were able to pull this off! Check out that New York skyline, direct from the W Gallery!

Kira the composer

Kira is a music composer and had many candid photos of herself, but no formal portraits. She was looking for some photos to populate her website or use in music performance programs. While she is not playing the saxophone much these days, she brought it along to the session as I knew it would make a great companion in the photos. In this portrait, I loved the sense of vulnerability and anticipation that comes forward. Her eyes connect intensely with the camera, but the hair and keys of the saxophone are well out of focus giving a sense of distance and motion.

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