Window display at 145 Lincoln Rd

For just over a year I have had a window display for Jocelyn Finlay Photo at 145 Lincoln Rd, Lincoln MA, at the shady exit of Donelans supermarket.

As I took on the space that was due for a spruce-up, Covid-19 had settled in for the long haul and uncertainty reined. It was also Spring, and the buds wait for no one, so for the first set of windows I took on a Spring theme.

Fall is one of the most spectacular seasons in New England and I wanted to honor the transitions in nature that occur at that time.

This past winter was a great one for hibernating. I spent my time studying, diving into one of my long running interest of perspective. Exploring the dimensions of time and space represented in a 2D still.

I feel honored to have the display windows at the Lincoln Mall. Drop by and see the display in person, drop me an email and tell me what you thought

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