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Product Photography Photos and Tutorial Session – $250

Kickstart your online store this holiday season with your own professional product photography. I teach you how to take these photos and set you on a path to independent success. Some business owners are all set up with the camera and staging, but don’t know how to make the most of their camera equipment. While others specialize in their own product (jewelry, handbags, ceramics, 2D art, for example) and do not know how to set up a mini studio to photograph their products for online sale. With me, you will learn how to stage your products, use available light, take great photos (even with your phone!), and post online.

Product Photography Photos and Tutorial Session – How it works. We work together in your studio/office in a one-on-one personalized lesson on how to best take product photographs for your merchandise. You will have quality product photos that we take during our time together and following the session I will provide written instructions specific to your product, staging and camera equipment. This will then enable you to launch independently to take the product photographs yourself moving forward. Send me an email today to set up a discovery call. jefinlay@gmail.com

Marketing Content Subscription – $500/month

Get on top of your marketing game with a monthly subscription to build seasonal, relevant, and personable content to connect with your customers and clients. Keep you website, social media and advertising up to date by working with Jocelyn each month. We will work together to make sure your marketing calendar is on target with fresh content and timely delivery.

Marketing Content Production Subscription – How it works. Each month (or quarter) choose two services that best fit your needs for that month, for example: a) one hour onsite candid photos showcasing your products, services and location, b) video content creation, c) retouched headshots of three staff, d) detailed retouching (Photoshop) of three people photos, e) two iterations on building a one page advertisement in InDesign, f) webpage design and photo content creation, g) video editing for a 30 second advertisement, or, h) content creation that is most helpful to you and your business. This is a collaborative effort that supports you in keeping on top of the fast moving year to ensure that you are timely with content creation and marketing of seasonal specials, events, and your ever changing product and service offerings. From $500/month. Email Jocelyn to find out more jefinlay@gmail.com

For larger photo and video projects, JFP Productions offers timely planning and delivery for magazine articles, website development, advertising campaigns, or marketing plans.

Photo Portfolio Production Package

Take the curation of your photographic portfolio to the next level with this production package. Artistic styling of images and their curation with a range of support services – hair, makeup, wardrobe design, location rental, actors as extras – the sky is the limit on what you need to construct images that are meaningful for your business and professional projection. We work closely together over a sequence of meetings, site visits, and test sessions to orchestrate the making of images that best reflect the range of products and services your business offers. For example, when building a website, your need striking, personal and meaningful images for your homepage, showcase your services or products in a glance, and about page image that is up to date (and stunning!) and a contact page that is inviting. Our collaboration continues after the photos are take we prepare the end-use of the images for a book, brochure, trade books, website, or social media campaign, making sure your photo land for maximum impact. This portfolio of images hangs together and makes you shine. Email Jocelyn to discuss pricing and details jefinlay@gmail.com .

Video Production Package

Would you like to create and video for your business but not sure where to start? Script writing, storyboarding, acting, video editing, in addition to hair, makeup, set design, it can be an overwhelming thought. Working together, we can create a genuine  video that showcases the story of your business or profession. Convey your mission to your ideal clients and give them a taste of what it’s like to work with you. The process of putting this together can help you refine your business model as the production pinpoints your core mission and values. Email Jocelyn to discuss pricing and details jefinlay@gmail.com

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