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Policy Reports

Sono Aibe and Jocelyn E. Finlay (2020) Family Planning 2020 Process Learning Activity Process, Transitions, and New Horizons, USAID and D4I. Click here.

Elizabeth Leahy Madsen and Jocelyn E. Finlay (2019) The Long-Lasting Toll of Conflict on Fertility and Early Childbearing, PACE for USAID by Population Reference Bureau Click here

Jocelyn E. Finlay (2018) Child Marriage and Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health, in a UNFPA Report on Child Marriage. Forthcoming 2019.

Marlene Lee and Jocelyn E. Finlay (2017) The Effect of Reproductive Health Improvements on Women’s Economic Empowerment, Population Reference Bureau. Click here.

Jocelyn E. Finlay, (2015) Fertility and Child Health, Published in Canning, David; Raja, Sangeeta; Yazbeck, Abdo S. (2015) Africa’s Demographic Transition: Dividend or Disaster? World Bank. Click here.

COVID-19 Early Reporting

As the COVID-19 pandemic quickly emerged in Massachusetts in March 2020, we had the good fortune of having daily data released from the Department of Public Health. However, these data were not accessible in terms of interoperability to the general public. With a bit of basic data analysis and presentation, I was able to identify and communicate emerging trends in the COVID-19 pandemic in Massachusetts. I used publicly available data from Mass.gov. This research is not commissioned, and all errors are my own.

Click on the hyperlinks below for 1-2 page pdf reports.

Report for Friday 27th March 2020 — Data Sources

Report for Saturday 28th March 2020 — Actual Confirmed Cases and Modeled Cases

Report for Monday 30th March 2020 — Social Distancing Starts to Have an Impact

Report for Tuesday 31st March 2020 — 88% of deaths in the 70+ age group

Report for Thursday 2nd April 2020 — Population Density and Social Disparities

Report for Friday 3rd April 2020 — 148,452 Unemployment Insurance Claims in MA 21Mar20

Report for Tuesday 7th April — New Infections Plateau: Its Make or Break Now

Report for Wednesday 15th April — A Call for Consistent Testing Data

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