I have been taking photos since I had my first camera at around age 10. Since the beginning, I have been fascinated with depth of field, color, and shadow. I grew up in Australia and moved to Boston after completing a PhD in economics at the Australian National University. I worked at Harvard University for 15 years researching global health. As I traveled the world for that work I continued to take photos!

In 2021 I launched Jocelyn Finlay Photo. My passion is to empower professionals to take their business or career to the next level. I believe that stunning, authentic, photographs and video are essential to showcase your talent to the world. Through my photos, I want my clients to show themselves as confident and they know what they are doing. With my photos you will stand out as the genuine winner in your industry.

I love making people shine! We have a laugh along the way going though what can seem like a ridiculous and intimidating process of getting your photo taken. It’s surprisingly fun!

Come check out display windows of portraits and nature photos at 145 Lincoln Rd, Lincoln MA.

Reviews of Jocelyn Finlay Photo can be seen here!

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