I have been taking photos since I had my first camera at around age 10. Since the beginning, I have been fascinated with depth of field, color, and shadow. I grew up in Australia and moved to Boston after completing a PhD in economics at the Australian National University. I worked at Harvard University for 15 years researching global health. As I traveled the world for that work I continued to take photos!

In 2021 I launched Jocelyn Finlay Photo in Lincoln MA. My passion is to empower people to feel and look their best. Through my photos, I want my clients to show themselves as confident and engaged. I love making people shine! We have a laugh along the way going though what can seem like a ridiculous and intimidating process of getting your photo taken. It’s surprisingly fun!

I love studying the art and craft of photography. I draw inspiration from the Dutch masters as they were early uses of lenses (the camera obscura). Through these studies I explore concepts of time, perception, color, and light, and I find insight from their discoveries in the seventeenth century and apply these ideas to my photography today. I am a member of Lincoln Art, Concord Art and Wayland Arts and regularly participate in their art exhibitions and gallery events.

I have display windows of portraits and nature photos at 145 Lincoln Rd, Lincoln MA on the shady exit of Donelans.

I have studio space at 1 Marina Park Drive, Boston, MA in the Seaport district.

Reviews of Jocelyn Finlay Photo can be seen here!

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