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Boston Headshot Clinic is an onsite studio for corporate headshots that comes to your office location for a convenient (and fun and personable!) photo session to capture authentic, relaxed, and natural looking headshots for your company website, social media, or advertising. Serving the Greater Boston Area.

Our specialty is capturing each and every person in their best light. Working with Boston Headshot Clinic is a personable and fun experience. Each person will walk away feeling confident and happy.

Discover the Headshot Options

A headshot tells a lot about the person and the company they represent. The headshots need to reflect who the individual is, what the company values are, and speak to the ideal, or most valued, client. The headshot has a lot of work to do! Boston Headshot Clinic can make it work for you and your business.

Headshot Options

Choose a style and backdrop that fits your company branding. Here are three examples. Part of our planning is to ensure that your headshots fit your needs.





For the Boston Headshot Clinic to come to your location, prices start at:

$550 base rate (no photos, that’s just for us to come and set up the headshot clinic)

$175 + tax per retouched headshot

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To book a headshot photo session, call (617) 468–4714 or use the form below.

Boston Headshot Clinic

A personalized headshot studio that comes to your office location.

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Mon-Fri: 9-5
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145 Lincoln Rd, Lincoln MA

1 Marina Park Drive, Seaport, Boston MA


(617) 468 4714

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